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Auction Pizza ❤️ review. ️ SUBSCRIBE to the channel and hit the notification bell to stay up to date with my latest videos and cool recipes and tips #armandodellorusso ️ How to make Italian Neapolitan pizza tomato. Slice of Pizza emoji represents the slice of the famous and nutritious Italian meal, loved by millions of people all over the 🌍 World for its taste and diversity. It may be used in the context of everything related to eating in general, tasty meals, visiting cafes and restaurants, 🎉🥂 Parties, and just having a good time at home.

Pizza ❤️ Questo gruppo ha lo scopo di trattare temi e consigli sulla pizza Napoletana ️ Meribo is a modern Italian restaurant specializing in wood fired pizzas located on the Northshore of New Orleans in the heart of historic downtown Covington, Louisiana. ♥️🔥🍕 Big Slice Pizzeria. A type of food made of dough, cheese and sauce greasy hot pizza This is a slice of pizza. Pepperoni Pizza Give me some pizza. You wrap up broiling decoct Pizza ❤️ employing 17 program and 4 as well as. Here is how you make hay.

method of Pizza ❤️

  1. give of Para la masa::.
  2. use 500 gr of Harina (común).
  3. give 2 Cds of Azúcar.
  4. Prepare 1 Cda of Levadura seca.
  5. use 1 Taza of agua tibia.
  6. then 1 Pizca of sal.
  7. Prepare 45 Grs of Mantequilla, o manteca vegetal.
  8. add of Para salsa ::.
  9. a little 3 of Jitomates.
  10. You need 2 of Chiles chipotles (al gusto de picor).
  11. This 2 of Clavos de olor.
  12. give 2 of Pimientas.
  13. also 1 cubito of caldo de pollo.
  14. add 1 cda of orégano seco.
  15. then Al gusto of peperoni, tocino, salchicha, u jamón el que más te guste.
  16. a little al gusto of Queso Manchego, queso amarillo también.
  17. You need of Champiñones.

Neapolitan pizza, with origins in Naples, Italy, has an extremely thin crust that is baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fire oven, causing the sides of the crust to puff. Savor Each Moment Sweepstakes from HRI. It's the little moments that make life big. Our wood-fired ovens churn out thin, light and crispy Roman-style pizzas from morning to night.

Pizza ❤️ process

  1. Haz una fuente con la harina, agrega sal por fuera, el azúcar y levadura por dentro, añade la mantequilla, y amasa agregando poco a poco el agua, hasta formar una masa. Ponla en un recipiente tapa y deja doblar su volumen..
  2. Para la salsa cocer los jitomates con un poco de agua, después licúa con las especias, chile al gusto,cubito de caldo de pollo, o sal lo que gustes.(debe de quedar espesa calcula bien el agua) sofríe,no olvides colarla. Deja hervir y listo.
  3. Extiende la masa según las piezas que desees, a mí me salen 3 de 30 cm, ponlas en la charola para horno con bastante harina abajo.
  4. Poner la salsa y los ingredientes que elegiste,(yo cocino la carne antes de ponerla) al final el queso, lleva al horno precalentado, 280 grados alrededor de 20 min, recuerda que cada horno es diferente, puede variar el tiempo de cocción. por lo general es hasta que dore el queso. Y listo, disfruta.

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